Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cheap isn't always good. Know the difference

Our phone lines and emails have been going crazy in the past couple days. Many of you in the repair community may have heard about the new cheaper screens selling between $40-$60 wholesale price for the iPhone 6. We’ve heard it all. Customers calling saying our prices are expensive compared to other wholesalers. One problem, there is a major issue that has not been addressed. Those are copy screens and right now there are a few different screens out in the market, they are TM, LT, JDF, Copy TM, and of course OEM. Here are the current known issues with the different screens currently being supplied that will hopefully make you think twice before getting those cheaper screens. Especially with iOS 9.3 now out.

First I want to give you all a brief overview of the different screens available:

G + F
G + G
Glass Thickness
0.9mm(Digitizer + Glass)
Whole Thickness
Durability of Glass

What is a TM Screen?
OEM iPhone manufacturers use In-cell technology to make the LCD screens, while 3rd party manufacturers have to choose other economic methods due to cost and risk. TM manufacturer adopt the G+F structure, which build the senor part on a film layer then assemble the film layer with the glass lens to be a whole digitizer touch screen. This is the better out of LT and JDF.

What is a LT Screen?
LT manufacturer use the OGStechnology to make the digitizer touch screen. The touch sensor is embedded on the glass lens and the cover lens is made very thin to make sure the digitizer work as good as possible to receive the command from fingers. The LT LCD screen is so thin that we can see the dots and diamond textures beneath the cover lens. The thin screen makes the glass very fragile

What is a JDF Screen?
JDF manufacturer use the G+G structure for its LCDs. G+G means glass plus glass. The digitizer touch sensor is made on a glass lens then the glass assembled with the cover lens as a whole digitizer touch screen assembly. Apparently, this kind of structure will increase the thickness of the digitizer touch screen, but it makes it possible that when the screen break, the digitizer screen works as usual. In the opposite, once the LT OGS LCD screen breaks, the whole LCD screen assembly goes bad, and it can't be repaired except replacing the whole part. By the way, the G+F and G+G structures both help prevent this bad situation.

Now here are the known issues with these screens:

Screen Type
Copy TM

·  Not OEM
·   Not compatible with iOS 9.3.
·   30% defect rate.
·  Screen is fragile.
·  Absorbs to much energy from device.
·  Has now been eliminated from the market
·  Absorbs huge amount of power.
·  Thick Glass
·  High defect rate 
 weak signal (RF)
·     shortage

In Summary:

TM screens are considered the best aftermarket screens out on the market and closest thing to OEM. Although they are not the cheapest they do work the best and are the best alternative to OEM. However currently the TM name is being slaughtered by the copy TM making its circulation in the market. How can you get TM screens? That depends on how much you trust your supplier. You must know that price difference between OEM and TM and sometimes is not much depending on the supply.

Copy TM screens are being sold for half of the current price of TM the main problem is the copy TM screens do not work on iOS 9.3 for an unknown issue. All we know is that if a customer tries upgrading or restoring their device on iOS 9.3 phone will not work at all. However, these are reports from the market, but lets not forget the 30% defect rate either. These copy screens are selling for the cheapest and will not be remanufactured once stock is out.

LT screens are fragile which means a simple drop will most likely crack the screen. Not to mention they take huge amount of power from the device resulting in a shorter battery life and could potentially short the customers iPhone®. On the bright side these screens have been discontinued from the market due to these issues, but there are still screens in circulation from Chinese suppliers who are trying to get rid of the stock.

JDF screens are not fragile like LT, but they still absorb huge amounts of energy from the device and like the LT it does drain the battery a lot faster and consumers will come back to complain. Due to the high energy consumption the screens have been linked to cause a weaker signal output to the devices, specifically RF. I would like to note these are only about 50% of the screens with that issue and because of that reason these screens are still making their way around the market. They are compatible with iOS 9.3 but overall screen defect rate is almost 40%.
Left photo is TM - Right photo LT/JDF
Here at Wireless Parts we do not get cheap screens. This goes against our ethical believes that we stand for. If we did get these knock-offs we would have a high return rate which would deteriorate our profits and cost us our customers. Every repair shop should follow this is simple rule.

This article is for informational purpose's only. We at Wireless Parts, LLC believe this is a serious issue that must be addressed. Our customers trust us to do what’s right and for that reason we only carry quality screens no matter the price. If you are a repair shop and want to open a account feel free to fill out this form. A representative will contact you within 24 hours. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Site Design

Our team here decided to redesign our website. Giving it a new look and feel. We did this to better align with our company. Our homepage is the first thing everyone sees when they visit our online store. The new look makes it much easier to navigate webpages on our site. With bigger text and a responsive site. All of our customers can now access our site via mobile, tablet or computer. It's optimized, meaning when you need to find a part you can just go to your nearest device and find it. You won't have to worry about small text or a hard to navigate mobile site. We really hope everyone of our customers enjoy this new design. 

Mobile Site

New Design

Thursday, January 29, 2015

iPad Air Digitizer Assembly

Here at Shop Wireless Parts we constantly have people calling us asking if we carry the iPad Air screen complete assembly. Which comes pre installed with the home flex cable, home button, and the adhesive. We all know how expensive those parts can be, but they make repairs so much faster.

Why are we now just getting them in stock?
When we first started carrying iPad Air parts we never expected the demand for those parts would be so high. The screen assemblies are already expensive as they are. All of us here heard what our customers wanted and we quickly got them in stock. You can go see for yourself. The best part is they're selling at a great price.

What's the price?
The prices vary depending on if your wholesale customer or a regular customer, but either way these are priced competitively for both our customer base. Go see for yourself

Because we were able to get the screens at such a good price we have discontinued the regular screen assembly. What does this mean to you? You now get the complete screen assembly for the same price as they regular screens we sold before!

iPad Air screen assembly complete

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Return Policy!

How well do other suppliers stand behind their parts?
Here at Shop Wireless Parts we know our quality is superior compared to other suppliers and because of that we stand behind our parts and quality with confidence! You should too when you repair a customers device.

How many times has this happened:
Scenario one: You repair a device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) just to find out the screen or replacement part you changed is damaged, then you have to take it all apart and put a new part in. At that point the customer is already frustrated for having to wait such a long time for the repair. On your side you now have to go return the part and you're also frustrated for upsetting the customer

Scenario two: You repair a device for a customer the screen works good, then a couple days, weeks, months go by and the customer is upset because either the screen is fading out or it just simply doesn't work right anymore. The customer is most likely to blame you and your lack of quality. They come back and complain to you. What do you do? if its been a couple months your supplier isn't going to take the parts back so now you have to decide whether to take a loss or tell the customer they're going to have to pay again for another replacement.

Here's our solution:
30-Day hassle free return: This gives you plenty of time to consider your purchase. That's why you can be sure that you made the right decision. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return any item in its original condition within 30 days of the date of shipment for a refund or an exchange. It's that simple.

7-Month Warranty: If the part you purchased from us ever goes bad within 7 months of purchase you're covered. Just send the part back and we'll ship you out another one. Yup, that's all there is to it. The warranty does not cover any physical damage to the part. It has to be an internal issue. Any cracks, chips, improper installation, or tear will not be covered under our warranty.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

iPhone 6 Screens IN STOCK

Shop Wireless Parts now carries iPhone 6 screen replacements. Right now we have the iPhone 6 (4.7") LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly, Black and the iPhone 6 (4.7") LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly, White. These are brand new, tested and ready to be assembled. The screens come pre-installed with the earpiece mesh, frame and LCD screen. The screens currently retail for $159.99. Dealers you can login to your wholesale account to see your discounted price!

DEALERS: How many customers have walked in your shop so far with a broken iPhone 6?
Most likely you've had a couple customers a week coming in asking for a price and it was just too high for them so they turned it down right? We got a great price on these iPhone 6 screens and we're passing the savings onto you. Every dealer should have a couple iPhone 6 screens in stock at all times.

Does Shop Wireless Parts have iPhone 6 Plus screens in stock yet?
At this time we are unable to locate iPhone 6 plus screens at a affordable cost for our dealers and customers. We are still trying to source quality screens at a low price. We will keep you all updated when we are able to locate the screens!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Cost Of Apple Out-Of-Warranty Repair

A couple weeks ago Apple announced their updated prices for Limited One-Year Warranty and Out-of-Warranty repairs following the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Raises Repair Costs
Apple raised repair costs for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Sourced from Cult of Mac…
Here’s the complete cost breakdown for out-of-warranty repairs:

  • iPhone 6 Plus: $329
  • iPhone 6: $299
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5: $269
  • iPhone 4s: $199
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Original iPhone: $149

Apple includes one year of limited coverage with every iPhone purchase, but that doesn’t cover accidental damage. Apple charges the following to replace a screen by itself:
  • iPhone 6: $109
  • iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5: $129
There’s always a little confusion about what damage Apple covers in its “Limited One Year Warranty,” and what damage they consider “Out of Warranty.” Cult of Mac elaborates on that note, adding, “the catch is that if Apple determines the device has undergone additional damage beyond the screen, it will charge a full service fee. So if you accidentally drop your 6 Plus and crack the screen, Apple could charge you a max of $335.95 to ship it to them and have it fixed.” You can read more from Cult of Mac here.

What to tell your customers?
When customers start bringing in their brand new iPhones for repair. Ask your customers if they have AppleCare+, which is the $99 extended warranty they may have purchased with the phone. If they do have AppleCare+ you can make them aware it will cover 2 incidents of accidental damage, for a service fee of $79 each time. At first you may see this as “losing business” but the customer will appreciate your honesty and willingness to help, and will hopefully remember you when damage occurs to the device after their AppleCare+ warranty is up. If your customer doesn’t have AppleCare+ extended warranty and the iPhone experiences accidental damage, which is the majority of all phone damage, the device won’t be covered under Apple’s limited one-year warranty. Make sure the customer is aware the device is no longer under warranty by apple and by repairing the device you won't void the warranty

Customer doesn’t know if they have AppleCare+ or not? You can help them to check if the phone is covered under AppleCare+ and make the decision easier for them.

We will always support the well being of the iPhone repair industry and the Repair Community as a whole, but you know as well as we do that repair is a service-focused industry. Doing the right thing and making sure your customer is aware of every option is the best service you can offer. Even if you don’t make a sale, they won’t forget how you took the time to help them find a solution to their problem.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wanna Go With The Best or Cheapest Parts?

Any business owner has asked themselves this question....Hopefully

Making a choice to carry the best or the cheapest parts has a huge impact to your business, regardless of which option you choose. Each has its perks and benefits, depending on what you want for your business.

Some business will always try to do both and that is the biggest flaw. If you try to do both, the competitor who is solely focusing on being the best will most likely always be better than you and the competitor who is focused on being the cheapest will most likely always be cheaper than you. In most cases you will be much more successful by focusing on one or the other.

Here at Shop Wireless Parts we strive to be the best!

Now there are some arguments you can make...

If your business is new in your community it takes time to become the best and if you want to gain customers quickly, being the cheapest is your best option. It’s true – when you start a company you have to do whatever it takes to make it work and grow your business. Often times this means undercutting your competition, but you should decide early on if that’s your long-term strategy or simply a way to get to a place where you can focus on being the best.

Photograph by yasinguneysu/Getty Images

Here at Shop Wireless Parts, we always ask ourselves this question. Though we decided early on to focus intently on being the best wholesale parts supplier in the country, we are often tempted when our customers sight lower prices from our competitors. More specifically, we’re tempted to bring in a lower quality screen option so we can have the lowest price on the market. Since the repair market is not regulated it is often hard to tell the difference between cheap parts and quality parts without having them side by side.

We sell our parts for as little as possible, while still being able to offer a hassle-free return policy, and great customer service. In order for us to compete on price with our competitors who focus on price, we would have to compromise the quality and service that we offer and a lower quality product in order to compete with lower quality suppliers isn’t part of our agenda, and wouldn’t align with our company values.